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Integrate your system
with Dr Telx

Connect seamlessly with Dr Telx to unify your business systems, enabling streamlined operations, enhanced data management, and improved decision-making processes.

A Better Way
to Provide

Revolutionize your consultation approach with our innovative solutions, offering a more efficient, personalized, and accessible way to engage with and serve your clients.

Simplified Publishing

Transform your content creation and distribution process with our Simplified Publishing platform, making it easier and more efficient to reach your audience with impactful messages.

Package Management

Optimize your logistics and streamline distribution with our advanced package management system, designed for precision, efficiency, and ease in handling and tracking shipments.

Webhooks API

Enhance your application’s interactivity and responsiveness with our Webhooks API, enabling real-time data exchange and seamless integration with external services.

Self-hosted Runners

Gain greater control and customization in your workflow with our self-hosted runners, designed for enhanced privacy and tailored performance in your unique operational environment.

Realtime Logging

Stay informed and proactive with our realtime logging capabilities, offering immediate insights and transparency into your system’s performance and activities.

Optimized for Delivery

Experience peak efficiency and reliability in your delivery processes with our solutions, meticulously optimized for swift, accurate, and cost-effective distribution.

Reinvent Your Business
With Dr Telx

Digital Health Companies

Empower your healthcare to innovate and thrive with our clinical workforce.


Offer Rx consultations to clients at your online pharmacy.

Diagnostic Companies

Get doctor requisitions fast at a price that aligns with profit margins.