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Integrate your system
with Dr Telx

Seamlessly incorporate Dr. Telx’s cutting-edge diagnostic solutions into your healthcare system, enhancing your ability to provide advanced and accurate testing for improved patient outcomes.

A Better Way
to Provide

Discover a superior approach to offering consultations that combines innovative diagnostics with personalized care, revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered.

Simplified Publishing

Let Dr Telx simplify the complex process of publishing diagnostic findings and medical reports, streamlining communication for enhanced patient care.

Package Management

Efficiently manage diagnostic packages, integrating seamlessly with Dr Telx for a streamlined workflow.

Webhooks API

Seamlessly connect your diagnostic services using the Webhooks API for efficient data exchange.

Self-hosted Runners

Boost your diagnostic capabilities with our versatile self-hosted runners, ensuring efficiency in your diagnostic workflow.

Realtime Logging

Gain instant access to data capture and analysis through our state-of-the-art logging system, providing timely insights into your diagnostics.

Optimized for Delivery

Our system is finely tuned to ensure swift and efficient delivery of diagnostic results.

Simplify Your Workflow
From Start to End

Streamline your diagnostic processes with our cutting-edge solutions, ensuring seamless integration from initial testing to final results, optimizing efficiency and accuracy at every step.

Scalable Workflow

Embrace our scalable workflow automation tools, designed to adapt and grow with your diagnostic needs, ensuring consistent, high-quality results regardless of volume or complexity.

Continuous Integration
and Delivery

Leverage our continuous integration and delivery systems to ensure your diagnostic services are always at the forefront of innovation, providing reliable, up-to-date solutions for every healthcare challenge.

Managing Application

Maximize the efficiency and reliability of your application infrastructure with our tailored solutions, designed to support seamless operations and adapt to the ever-changing demands of the diagnostic industry.

Integrated End to End

Fortify your diagnostic processes with our integrated end-to-end security solutions, ensuring comprehensive protection from initial data collection to final result delivery.

Packed With Features
Your Team Will Love

Unparalleled Flexibility

Adapt effortlessly to the dynamic needs of diagnostics with our solutions, offering unparalleled flexibility in handling diverse tests, data types, and workflow changes.

Monitor Metrics

Gain critical insights and enhance operational efficiency with our advanced tools for monitoring metrics, enabling precise tracking and analysis of your diagnostic processes.

Performance Insights

Discover deep performance insights with our analytics, empowering you to optimize diagnostic workflows and drive continuous improvement in patient care.

Automated Testing

Enhance accuracy and speed in diagnostics with our automated testing solutions, designed to reduce manual errors and increase throughput in your laboratory processes.

Agile Project Management

Navigate the complexities of diagnostic projects with our agile project management approach, ensuring flexibility, timely delivery, and responsiveness to changing requirements.

Cloud Storage

Securely store and access your diagnostic data with our cloud storage solutions, offering scalability, reliability, and easy retrieval whenever needed.