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Integrate your system
with Dr Telx

Integrate your pharmacy system with Dr Telx to provide seamless telehealth services, enhancing customer experience and fostering loyalty.

A Better Way
to Provide

Revolutionize your pharmacy’s approach to health consultations with Dr Telx, offering patients a more efficient and accessible way to receive care.

Simplified Publishing

Embrace Simplified Publishing with Dr Telx to effortlessly disseminate health information and updates, elevating your pharmacy’s communication strategy.

Package Management

Enhance your pharmacy’s efficiency with Dr Telx’s Package Management, streamlining the handling and distribution of healthcare products and services.

Webhooks API

Utilize Dr Telx’s Webhooks API to automate real-time updates and notifications, optimizing your pharmacy’s workflow and patient communication.

Self-hosted Runners

Implement Dr Telx’s self-hosted runners to gain control and flexibility in managing your pharmacy’s digital health applications and data.

Realtime Logging

Benefit from Dr Telx’s Realtime Logging to accurately track and manage pharmacy operations, ensuring timely and effective patient care.

Optimized for Delivery

Leverage Dr Telx’s system, optimized for delivery, to ensure your pharmacy services are executed swiftly and efficiently, enhancing patient satisfaction.

Simplify Your Workflow
From Start to End

Streamline every aspect of your pharmacy’s operations with Dr Telx, from initial patient contact to final service delivery, for a smoother, more efficient workflow.

Scalable Workflow

Adopt scalable workflow automation with Dr Telx to efficiently manage your pharmacy’s growing demands and enhance operational productivity.

Continuous Integration
and Delivery

Embrace continuous integration and delivery with Dr Telx to keep your pharmacy’s services and systems consistently updated and running smoothly.

Managing Application

Effortlessly manage your pharmacy’s application infrastructure with Dr Telx, ensuring reliable, secure, and high-performing digital health solutions.

Integrated End to End

Ensure robust protection for your pharmacy’s data and operations with Dr Telx’s integrated end-to-end security system.

Packed With Features
Your Team Will Love

Unparalleled Flexibility

Experience unparalleled flexibility in your pharmacy operations with Dr Telx, adapting seamlessly to the evolving needs of healthcare and patient care.

Monitor Metrics

Closely observe vital metrics to ensure optimal performance and quality in your pharmacy services.

Performance Insights

Gain valuable insights into your pharmacy’s performance for continuous improvement.

Automated Testing

Elevate your quality assurance with our comprehensive automated testing solutions, designed to streamline your processes and ensure robust software performance.

Agile Project Management

Streamline project management with our agile approach, ensuring seamless collaboration, adaptability, and transparency across your development process.

Cloud Storage

Optimize your data storage capabilities with our advanced cloud storage solutions, ensuring efficient performance and accessibility.